C-U Food Cruise, May 20, 2017

Come join the 1st annual C-U Food Cruise on May 20th starting at 2pm. Proceeds will go towards Champaign County Bikes’ (CCB) mission for bicycle advocacy and bicycle education in our community.
We will ride in GUIDED GROUPS, to socialize and to visit and sample the offerings of locally owned Champaign-Urbana eateries.

Participants can choose to participate in a group traversing any of several “tours” (click here for details/distances of all tours):

  • Champaign family friendly “SWEET” tour, 13.4 mi, with 3 eatery stops
  • Family friendly beginner/intermediate “MILD” tour, 16.3 miles, 5 stops
  • Urbana Intermediate “HONEY” tour, 17.6 miles with 5 stops
  • Champaign Intermediate “BUFFALO” tour, 18 miles, 5 stops
  • Urbana Advanced “ZESTY” tour, 18.6 miles, 5 stops (faster pace than intermediate)
  • Champaign Advanced “SPICY” rider tour, 15.5 miles, 5 stops
  • Experienced all vendor “HOT” tour, all vendors, 28.5 miles, 8 stops

The various “tours” will last three and a half to five hours. Sunset will be at 8:07pm, so those on the longer rides should have bicycle lights.

All groups will

  • Start forming at 2pm at Champaign’s Hessel Park (come to the park and look for our banners)
  • Start out at 2:30pm, and
  • Finish at Jarling’s Custard (1/2 block east of the SE corner of park).

Free parking is available on the east, north and west sides of Hessel Park.

Entry fee is $15/person for those 12 and over. (Each registering adult can, at no extra charge, be accompanied by one child under 12.)
Sample size portions at each food stop will cost $2 or so.
Helmets are required; water bottles recommended; and lights required after dark.
Total number of riders (adults plus children) will be limited to 150.
After May 18, register at Hessel Park on the day-of-the-ride.

Complete this form to register. Clicking Submit directs you to Paypal. Once at Paypal, to pay by credit card, click on the link near the bottom right that says either "Don't have a Paypal account" or "Pay with a debit or credit card".
Report any difficulties to webmaster@prairiecycleclub.org
Registering for:*
Tentative Ride Choice (can change on ride day)*
I/we acknowledge that bicycling in and of itself can be dangerous, and hereby release and waive all claims against the Prairie Cycle Club (PCC), PCC members, PCC officers and directors, and successors and assignees, for damages resulting in injury either to myself, co-registrants or to our equipment, during this event*

Comments about the 2017 Food Cruise

  • My compliments to you and everyone who worked to put together and host the First Annual CU Food Cruise. What a fun and delicious ride. A few minor glitches that were beyond your control but otherwise a successful and enjoyable way to spend the afternoon with family and fellow riders. Great job.
  • It was an outstanding time. I loved the pace and stops along the way. Real happy to meet you all. Thanks for the invite and planning that went into this.
  • Great job! All of your hard work paid off for a fun successful day!!
  • Yes, it was great! Good pace no rain! New friends and old friends.

Here are the featured eateries and sponsors. The Sidney Dairy Barn and Piato to Go will be serving at Riggs Beer Company.