Local Cycling Email Groups

The Prairie Cycle Club group on Google allows those interested in cycling in Champaign and surrounding counties to receive announcements about

  • PCC and other cycling events/rides (information about which will usually also be available on this website)
  • show-and-go rides, and
  • cycling related issues

During the cycling season, we expect 0-6 messages weekly

All PCC members, unless they request otherwise, are also subscribed to the email group.

Non PCC members can subscribe to the PCC email group, but only PCC members can post messages. To post to this group, send email to prairie-cycle-club@googlegroups.com

PCC email group members can choose to receive group emails as follows

  • no emails from the group (in which case group messages can be read by logging into the group)
  • at most one email daily containing all messages of the past 24 hours (the default setting for new members of the email group who don’t specify otherwise)
  • at most one email daily containing abridged versions of all messages of the past 24 hours
  • every message as it is posted (This option enables one to get late changes to PCC events and to find out about show-and-go rides organized on short notice–typically several hours to several days.)

To read past messages or to change email receving options, group members may visit the group at http://groups.google.com/group/prairie-cycle-club?hl=en
(Those not using a gmail account will have to create an account on Google with their email.) Changes can also be made by contacting the PCC Board member in charge of membership. (Click on About/Contact in horizontal menu for list of PCC board members.)

One can also join the mailing list of the local bicycling advocacy organization, Champaign County Bikes, by visiting their web site and/or click here to sample and subscribe to their once or twice monthly newsletters.