PCC Rules of the Ride

Group riding skills are an important part of the fun of PCC rides, so please review the group riding skills and safety habits PCC expects of all bicyclists participating in PCC rides. The following should be considered supplements to the Illinois Bicycle Rules of the Road:

1. Ride no more than two abreast ― single file in traffic and at intersections.
2. Pass only on the left ― and announce your intentions by calling out “On your left.”
3. When riding in a large group, create space to help motorists pass safely. Break into sub-groups.
4. Maintain a safe distance from the rider ahead of you.
5. Check all intersections for traffic. Avoid “group think.”
6. If you stop, pull completely off the road. All the way.
7. Always ride with traffic ― never against traffic.
8. Obey traffic signs and signals, markings and regulations.
9. Use hand signals to indicate left turns, right turns and stops.
10. Warn riders behind you of pot holes, dogs, cars (up, back, left, right), and other obstacles on the road.
11. Check your bike before every ride to be sure it’s in safe operating condition. Check tire inflation and seat height as well. (ABC Quick Check: Air, Brakes, Cables & Quick Release levers)
12 ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HELMET when riding your bike! Accident prevention is the first principle of safety, but accidents sometimes do happen. Helmets are the best means of minimizing head injuries.