“Share the Road” License Plates

Illinois’ newest year-round specialty license plates have hit the road on cars, vans and light trucks. The blue plates with a bicyclist’s outline deliver a “Share the Road, Same Rights – Same Rules” message while raising funds for Ride Illinois’ motorist and bicyclist education efforts. Ride Illinois receives $17 of the first year’s incremental cost and $20 in renewing years to use for statewide educational campaigns. These campaigns fill an important gap: teaching both bicyclists and motorists on how to more respectfully, lawfully and safely share our roads. For example, we are developing online quiz-based “certifications” meant to more broadly deliver bike safety knowledge in schools, drivers’ education and the general population. Other examples are seen on Ride Illinois’ website under the “Safety Education” tab.

Plates can be ordered by filling out the order form on the Secretary of State’s “Share the Road License Plates” brochure. Personalized plates, with three letters and one number, and vanity plates, with up to four letters or up to three numbers, are also available.