Local Weekly and Other Rides

The 2018 PCC weekly ride season begins on Saturday April 14.  Check the ride descriptions below or contact the ride leaders about specific rides.

** We have new rides and exciting changes to offer. Let’s ride bikes! **

Over the course of the riding season, as riders become more fit, the average speeds of most rides gradually increase by 1-2 mph. The rides intended for new, beginning and leisurely riders, “Wednesday Pedaling for Pleasure” and “Saturday Saunter,” maintain the same speed all season.

Helmets and, for evening rides, lights are required. Eye protection, a water bottle, reflective clothing, an energy snack and cash are encouraged.

Cancellation Policy: Rides will be cancelled if it is raining 30 minutes before the scheduled time at the ride starting place. A ride leader determining that dangerous conditions exist may cancel a ride by email notification a minimum of two hours before the starting time. Rides will be considered Show and Go at temperatures of 40° or less. Ride distances may be substantially reduced due to high winds.

Members will be updated as needed through email.

Monday Moderate Ride– (11-15 mph, 15-25 miles 6:00 P.M. from  Savoy Rec Center, 402 W Graham Dr, Savoy, IL, north end of parking lot. Emphasis on socializing, not speed. There will be two groups, one travelling 11-13mph, and another 14-15mph. One of the most popular rides. Leaders: Jim Witte (jim@thunderingbison.com) and Anne Robin (arobin@uiuc.edu)

Monday Evening Mahomet Ride – We would like to offer a ride based out of Mahomet, but will start this on a show and go basis and see what develops.  Watch your email!

Tuesday Morning Ride – (10-13 mph, 30+ mi) 9:00am. **the start location will be announced on this page and/or weekly by email.**  For the rest of April, the ride departs from the N.W. corner of the parking lot of the North Prospect Walmart if the temp is 40 or above at that time. Leader: Ed Bondurant (bonduran@illinois.edu)

Tuesday Level 4 Ride – **New time and focus** (17-19 mph, 25-35 miles) 6:00pm from parking lot 200 yds NE of Field and Stream, in Market Place mall. **new in 2018: this ride will focus on instruction for pace line riding and group communication.  It will begin with a 5-minute safety meeting and will feature a 7+/- mile repeating loop that will allow riders to rest at certain points and get picked up by the group again.** Leader: Jeff Decker (roushaholic@gmail.com)

Tuesday Ladies’ Ride –  (**New in 2018: a beginner ride at 10-13 mph; and a faster ride at 13-15 mph, 15-25 mi) both 6:00pm, from Sun Singer Wine and Spirits shop , 1115 W Windsor Rd, Champaign Leaders: Lorrie Pearson (lorrie.bikes@gmail.com), Brenda Mehnert (bbmehnert@gmail.com) and Annette Stumpf (als319@sbcglobal.net). Social time at Sun Singer after the ride.

Wednesday Pedal for Pleasure – (9-12 mph, 12-14 miles) April through Aug, 6:30pm, from Champaign Cycle, 506 S. Country Fair Drive, Champaign. Suitable for beginners and any rider who wants to meet people and enjoy a leisurely ride. Mountain bikes and board shorts welcome. Leader: Peter Davis (peter@champaigncycle.com)

Wednesday Evening Recumbent Ride – (social speed, 15-25 miles), 6pm Meadowbrook Park, Windsor Rd, parking lot All of the pedalings, none of the pain. For recumbent bikes, trikes, velomobiles and the recumbent-curious. Leader: Nina Paley (nina_paley@yahoo.com)

Thursday Evening Ride – Two rides depart simultaneously: (12-15 mph) and (15-17 mph) 6:15pm, from Zahnd Park, SE corner of Windsor and Staley Rd, Champaign. Leaders: Ellen Hedrick (ellenh1965@gmail.com), Rich Furr (rfbike@sbcglobal.net), Nancy Parker (parkerna@comcast.net) and Teri Stoerger (stoerger@shout.net).

Thursday Fast Ride – **New time, increased speed** (19+ mph, 25-35 miles) 5:30pm from parking lot east of Field and Stream, in Market Place mall. Focus is on advanced rider development via challenging techniques and terrain. Leader: Jeff Decker (roushaholic@gmail.com)

Family Ride– (14 miles, 8-10 mph) Weaver Park, East Main St., Urbana. Ride the Kickapoo Rail Trail to St. Joseph.  **A new ride in 2018: bring the family, for all ages. ** Watch your email and Facebook for announcement of dates and times.** Leader: Cynthia Hoyle (choyle@cumtd.com)

Saturday Morning Rides Meadowbrook Park, (Race St parking lot) Urbana 9:00 in April and May; 8:00 June-Sep; 9am Oct.

Saturday Saunter– (10-20 miles, 10-13 mph) Common destinations are Philo, St. Joseph or Tolono, with water and rest stops. A smaller group riding at level 2 (12-15 mph) often breaks off for an additional 10-20 miles after a designated stop. All frame types of cycles and riders welcome. Leader: Sue Jones (siouxgeonz@gmail.com)

Housework Avoidance Ride (40-60 miles, 16-18 mph) This ride will offer several options ranging from 40-60 miles and meander through some of the more interesting (read challenging) roads in the area at a quick, but not anaerobic clip. Those on longer rides should expect a lunch stop at a small-town restaurant. Ride Leaders: Tom Ward (tjw@illinois.edu), Richard McClary (rmcclary@gmail.com) and John Prince (johnmprince@hotmail.com)


UC Bike Ride Google Group – This group has been set up to organize impromptu “pick-up” bike rides in the Urbana-Champaign area. If you feel like going for a ride and want some riding partners just post a message to the group. Be sure to include when you are leaving, where from, and how far you are planning to ride — and maybe how fast you are hoping to go. Hopefully you’ll find some other folks to ride with. Join here.

PCC’s Google email group. Any day or night (sometimes under the full moon), announced 2 hours to 2 days in advance by an interested person via the PCC’s Google email group (Recently, the UC Bike Ride Google Group has been a more active source of rider organized rides than the PCC Google email group.)

Illini Cycling Club, a University of Illinois student organization, sponsors weekly and other rides during the riding season. http://illinicycling.org/rides.html

Wild Card Cycling Racing Rides depart on various days from various locations. Average speeds often exceed 20 mph, and distances may exceed 50 miles, so riders should be familiar enough with the area and be prepared to get home on their own. Lighting gear is encouraged. http://wildcardcycling.org/calendar